It’s not about ego; it’s about intuition. As one of the most in-demand musicians in the industry, Dave Jenkins Jr.’s versatility is evident in his outstanding resume. Dave has worked with the likes of Daniel Johns, Vera Blue, Wafia, Eves Karydas, Kirin J. Callinan, Dustin Tebutt, Samantha Jade and international artists Dua Lipa, Rob Thomas, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Adam Lambert.

Like a chameleon, Dave is able to adapt to his surroundings. There is a breath in his technique and a sensibility; an innate understanding and an ability to absorb the vision of the artist he is working with. This can be attributed to his expansive dedication to his skill set as a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 

Dave started playing music at 8 years of age. His father Dave Jenkins Sr is a drummer and one of his major influences. Other influences include Todd Rundgren, Keith Moon (The Who), Midnight Oil and The Beatles.  

With his heroes as the foundation, Dave has built a career on exploiting the technological advancements in music. His passion for technology led him to create hybrid instrumental setups comprised of electronic components mixed with acoustic drums and other bespoke pieces of equipment.

This talent has propelled him to the role of Music Director for artists such as Vera Blue, Owl Eyes, Bertie Blackman, Wafia, Gordi and Nicole Millar.  Dave’s role as the Music Director relies heavily on his skills in engineering and constructing within Ableton, from backing tracks to building the entire set from a technological standpoint. He is a consultant for all aspects of performance. With years of touring under his belt, he utilises his experience to help artists translate their recorded works to a live audience in the best possible way.

Dave is no stranger to the stage having played at iconic venues around the world such as the Grande halle de la Vilette in Paris, Handelsbeurs Concertzaalin Belgium and the Sydney Opera House. Dave has also played at major festivals such as St Jerome’s Laneway, Splendour In The Grass, Pitchfork Festival (Paris), Sasqwatch (USA) and NRMAL (Mexico). He has embarked on international tours in the US, UK, NZ and Europe. In television, he has worked on The X Factor, Sunrise, Mornings, and the Morning Show.

When Dave is off the road he fills his time creating and pursuing his art as a producer and songwriter. Dave has had several succesful writing cuts with established artists Owl Eyes, ALPHAMAMA ,Bertie Blackman, and upsidedownhead, not to mention his solo project NOT A BOYS NAME who recently signed to Island Records and lept into the public eye with his critically aclaimed debut single "Hazard Perception Test". 

Dave lives his life surrounded by music. Every moment is dedicated to the pursuit of his craft and the perfection of his skills.

It is this totality, reflected in his work as a producer, music director, musician, and songwriter, that enables him to give every artist, song and performance his all.

Dave has endorsements with Yamaha Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Blackbird Drum co and Roland electronics.